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Dartford Judo Mini Mon

14th Jan 2007


Daniel Wall Bronze

Olivia Piechota Gold

Leonardo Bertocchi Gold

Karla Wall Silver

Shane Worges Silver(Northbrook Judo Club)

Daniel Wall Blue Belt Trying His Tai otoshi

Daniel Came Third In a Group of Five Winning Two Of His Fights

Olivia Piechota Blue Belt Prepares For Battle

Four Straight Wins Gave Olivia The Gold

Leonardo Berocchi About To Throw With Osoto Gari

What a Day You Had Leonardo Four Ippon Win giving You Gold

Karla Wall Holding With Kesa Gatame

Well Done Karla Only Losing To Olivia So Silver This Time.

Shane Worges Attacking With Morote Gari

What a Tough Group You Had.

It Was Great To Watch Though.

Silver This Time But a Whisker Away From The Gold

All The Players & Officials